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Hi! My name is Kate Boss and I am an:

Online Coach

Fitness Model

Triathlon Athlete

I inspire and motivate people to take that step and start feeling better

Shortly about me

I'm originally from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. I moved to USA in 2017 as a professional ironman athlete. 

I was introduced to sports early when I was 6 years old. Till 18 years I was professional ballroom-sport dancer.

I have Bachelor and Masters degree in International Economy and Administrative Management. 

At the end of 2015 I moved to Cozumel island, beautiful place that became my second home.

In 2016 with no triathlon background I became a professional Ironman athlete in less then a year. Ironman distance includes - 3.86 km (2.4 miles) swim, a 180.25 km (112 miles) bike and a third 42.2 km (26.22 miles) marathon run. Every segment of an Ironman race occurs in this exact order. There is no break in between them.

I was training twice a day. My Saturday was 6-7 hours training.

My Triathlon Competition History


September 11 - ITU world cup, Cozumel, Mexico
October 2 - 70.3 ironman, Cozumel, Mexico / my 1st ironman
October 28 - Rock'n'Roll 1/2 marathon, Merida, Mexico
November 13 - GFNY, Cozumel, Mexico
November 27 - 140.6 ironman, Cozumel, Mexico / my 1st full

May 14 - 70.3 ironman, Monterrey, Mexico / pro debute, 14th

January 8 - 1/2 marathon, Merida, Mexico

​February 5 - ITU, Merida, Mexico / 4th place, best bike split 

May 14 - 70.3 ironman, Monterrey, Mexico

August 5th - 70.3 ironman, Otepaa, Estonia / 4th place

September 10th - sprint, Craig Ranch Triathlon, Dallas, Texas, USA / 1st place

October 29th - 70.3 ironman, Austin, Texas, USA

November 5th - sprint, Best of the Best, Denton, Texas, USA / 1st place


June 24th - 70.3 ironman, Buffalo Springs Lake

August 5th - Tri-Rock Triathlon, Rockwall, Texas / 1st place

September 9th - Craig Ranch, Dallas, TX / 1st place, 2nd overall females

In 2018 I decided to walk away from competing in long distance triathlon and start online coaching and help people achieving their fitness goal. 

I hope that I am able to inspire you in the way others have inspired me. If I reach just one person with my efforts and it helps them to transform him or herself into a happier and better person, then this website and all of my work going into this will be more than worthwhile. 
​This fitness life is only the beginning and I hope that you will continue to pursue your dreams like I pursue mine. Your dreams are only a stone’s throw away! Follow me and reach them! Anything is Possible!


I appreciate your interest in working with me! I pride myself on my personal integrity and dependability. Working on camera is what I do the best.

You can check my portfolio and photographers reviews on my  Model Mayhem account. 

Send me email to if you want to see me in front of your camera.

Let's Work Together

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